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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the future of the digital marketing industry?
  1. How can I make money with Digital Marketing Skills?
  1. What is the possible salary that I will get after completing the Digital Marketing program?
  1. Does Patna Institute of Digital Marketing provide placement?
  1. What qualification is required to attend this training program?
  1. I am from a non-marketing background can I do it?
  1. What if I missed some of the classes? How to cover the missed classes? What are the charges for the same?
  1. I did not understand some topics of the program. It is possible to cover the topics once again? If yes, then is there any extra charge for it?
  1. What are the chances of working from home after completing the course? Is there any chance to get projects that I can complete from home?
  1. Do you provide any training material?
  1. Will Patna Institute of Digital Marketing help in finding a job after training completion?
  1. Do you provide classes on weekends, weekdays, evenings; or as per the requirement of candidates?
  1. Can you give more details about the certificates?
  1. Why is your fee structure low in comparison to other institutes?

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