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A brief about Digital Marketing roles & responsibilities

Digital Marketing Roles and Responsibilities

Mar 12, 2018

Digital Marketing is a booming, dynamic and vast field of marketing with n number of digital marketing job roles. Every specific job role helps you develop the right digital marketing skills and strategies. There are different job roles in digital marketing, like marketing campaigns designing, maintaining, supplying the right content for an organization, engaging people through social media, checking and keeping visitors flow on the website. Digital marketing roles and responsibilities are there for developing strong and innovative digital marketing strategies using PPC, SEO, SEM, and other techniques to attract traffic to the companies website and increasing awareness of company’s products and services. Here is why digital marketing is a good career option.

Digital Marketing is for creative and passionate people. Digital marketing job field is highly result driven and enhances your knowledge and creativity skills. There are many digital marketing job roles. Here is a list of the digital marketing roles and responsibilities in a digital marketing company.

1. Digital Marketing Executive

A digital marketing executive is responsible for looking into the online marketing strategies for the organization. They plan and execute marketing campaigns, and maintain and supply content for the organization’s website. Here is a list of digital marketing executive roles and responsibilities:

2. Digital Marketing Manager

The primary role of a digital marketing manager is to get the word about your brand out in the digital space. Here are the digital marketing roles and responsibilities of a digital marketing manager:

3. Search Engine Optimizer – SEO Executive

The primary role of an SEO specialist or an SEO executive is to rank a website page on the search engine result page and to increase the website’s traffic. SEO sector is booming day by day, and SEO executive jobs will always be in demand. SEO executive roles will be available only in large companies with marketing departments. The SEO executive job role is available for all degree students, but it would be a plus point if you have a degree in digital marketing. You must have relevant experience and high level of technical skill. Here are the digital marketing roles and responsibilities of an SEO executive:

4. Social Media Marketing Expert

A social media marketing expert is responsible for combining marketing and social media management to enhance the company’s social media presence, interaction with target audiences, promoting the brand’s engaging content, and expanding the opportunities for increasing the revenue. A social media marketing expert should have the understanding and knowledge of each social media platform, social media marketing strategies, and how to optimize content to make it engaging on the social media channels. Here are the digital marketing roles and responsibilities of a social media marketing expert:

5. Digital Marketing Copywriter

There are many job roles of a copywriter. A digital writer produces the written content for web pages. They can work either as a freelance content writer or as an employee of a company. The copywriter can help the content team to refine their content and words used to get more reception, help the search engine marketer to write a better ad copy, help the social media manager with better words for posting on social media channels. Here are few job digital marketing roles and responsibilities of a digital copywriter:

6. Conversion Rate Optimizer

A conversion rate optimizer is responsible for conversion rate optimization of a company’s conversion strategy and lead generation. It’s the most crucial digital marketing job role. They are responsible for managing, testing, and implementing conversion points in the digital marketing funnel. Here are the digital marketing roles and responsibilities of a conversion rate optimizer:

7. Search Engine Specialist/Marketer – SEM Specialist

In a small company, a digital marketing manager does all the tasks of a search engine marketer. However, when it’s a big company, there is a dedicated search engine marketing specialist also known as SEM specialist to target the number of leads and clicks from the given marketing budget, manage bid, keyword research, analysis, ad copywriting, and to test ad campaigns. Here are the digital marketing roles and responsibilities of an SEM specialist:

8. Inbound Marketing Manager

An Inbound Marketing Manager is responsible for attracting traffic, and qualified prospects and converting them into customers and leads. Here is the brief description of the digital marketing roles and responsibilities of an Inbound marketing manager:

9. Content Marketing Manager

A content marketing manager is responsible for content marketing. Managing blog, marketing campaigns, ebook publications, guest blogging, email communications, video marketing, sales page copywriting, etc. are the roles of a content marketing manager. Here are the brief descriptions of the digital marketing roles and responsibilities of a content marketing manager:

10. Analytics Manager

Analytics manager is responsible for the implementation of tools and strategies to translate raw data into the valuable business insights. Here are the digital marketing roles and responsibilities of an Analytics Manager:


The above digital marketing roles and responsibilities provide a range of practical descriptions of digital marketing jobs. Digital marketing field is growing day by day and is coming up with immense more job opportunities for you. Are you excited to be a part of this booming field? Master your digital marketing through our digital marketing certificate courses. Join Patna Institute of Digital Marketing to get a clear vision of all the roles of the digital marketing field and all digital marketing aspects.


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